Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Congrats on getting engaged! Now, your wedding is just right around the corner. You’ve probably been thinking about the particulars of your wedding already like what wedding dress to wear, what motif you want that will suit your personality, what foods you want to be served, how many people you want to attend to your wedding, the venue is suitable to your budget, and so forth. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best options for you to choose from on your special day. We have here different wedding dresses to help get you dressed in style. We also have some venues and themes that you may like. Scroll down to see our lists that you can add to your choices.


There are wedding venues recently installed solar panel covering the roofs that were done by the Solar Panel Company in Tempe If you prefer to get married in the daytime then this type of wedding venues will do. It may cost you less expensive than the others. And what’s good on this is that you’re helping the nature to lessen the damage caused by the chemical gases release on the electricity, diesel, etc. A nature lover will surely pick this one. You may also like to celebrate your wedding outside in a beach setting. Gardens, hotels, restaurants and even at your own home is also possible too. If you have a wide open ground on your home that you know can fit the number of people you will choose to invite, then choosing your home is a practical decision. Not to mention, it will allow you to save a lot too.


Many companies continuously work hard to come up with the hottest and the latest wedding theme trends for 2018, and we think you’re going to love those. Take a look at the chic, sophisticated, fresh and completely fabulous themes and be inspired. The ones we included below are the top choices of the brides and grooms-to-be to date.


Greenery – It is a classic look and elegant that never get out of style. Even now it is still considered trendy. Green makes you look like a queen and nature-friendly. There are different types and shades of green that will perfectly fit on your taste and style.


Garden – Just like the greenery, nature is involved in this theme. Fresh flowers and romantic settings will make the difference. There has a lot of wonderful fresh flowers to choose from to incorporate with the mood of the venue.


Barn – Feeling nostalgic and romantic? A barn wedding is the perfect one for you. Also consider the vintage, neutral, watercolor, boho, forest, fairy tale, and a tropical theme.


Wedding gowns should complement your wedding themes. Explore the tons of wedding dresses depending on your wants and requirements. This 2018, designers released new designs in different collections that would give you elegant, simple or princess like designs. Choose what you want to be and start there.


If you’re on the lookout for wedding planners and coordinators, choose the one with positive reviews or ask a friend who has known one. Whatever you choose, just know your budget first. Check out the Financial tips for your dream wedding. We wish all the best on your wedding!