The City of Chicago or the Windy City is a metropolitan area with a huge population. It is an international center of commerce, trade, technology, finance, and transportation. Which means that tall buildings and busy streets are common sights in the area. Not at all your typical dream location for a wedding right? Think again. Chicago boasts of its fine architecture and a second look at its landmarks will give you an idea for the perfect wedding.

A City Wedding came up with our own recommendations for the best wedding venues in the Windy City. In no particular order, here is our list.

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago’s architectural design and collection of art pieces create a unique vibe for your special occasion. You can choose where you want to hold your event whether you prefer the classic and vintage ambiance of the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room or the sleek and contemporary vibe of the Modern Wing. The institute only allows Bon Appetit to cater for events held there but rest assured that they provide quality service and remarkable culinary experience for you and your special guests.
  2. Room 1520 is a distinct loft space decorated with classy and luxurious urban chic designs. It is given the distinction by the Chicago Reader’s Best of 2016 Issue as the best place to get married in the city. The venue is roomy and airy. It has high ceilings accentuated by elegant chandeliers. The glass windows allow guests to see the Chicago skyline. White pillars add to the classic vibe of the place. It gives the bride and groom the freedom to choose how to decorate the place according to their theme and motif.
  3. Stan Mansion is historic in its own right. This venue used to be a Masonic temple but it was eventually transformed into a classic and attractive building that can be rented for special events. The building has a grand ballroom, lower level ballroom, bar lounge, and a bridal suite. Its impressive façade and sophisticated interiors make it a perfect choice for your wedding venue.

There are definitely more recommendations for special places in the Windy City. We will update this page as soon as we gather more information from our sources. Thank you.