Real Weddings


Hi, guys! I just want to share my DIY wedding with your readers. Well, aside from budget considerations, it is really my hobby to make crafts and designs so I said to myself, “Why not do something for my wedding, right?” There are specific ideas I have in mind already and my fiancé was more than happy to support me. Actually, it was also a stress reliever for me as I really indulge in arts to take my mind off the pressures of having a wedding.

My partner and I love traveling together. We have been to different parts of the world but of course, we still have dream destinations. We decided that this would be the theme for our wedding. My grandmother has a lovely backyard that we could decorate so we knew that would be the perfect spot for the reception. I know, right? We were able to save up right away for the venue costs!  My fiancé let me choose the motif for the occasion and I went with soft pink and black. I just loved how the two colors blended together to give a chic and dainty vibe.

I just bought my wedding dress from a lovely boutique in the city. I bought my shoes in the mall when the metallic fuschia stiletto that caught my attention as my friends and I were checking out materials for souvenirs and decorations for my wedding. My tiara was given to me by my grandmother who also wore the same tiara on her wedding day. My mother also made me wear the veil and gown train that she used on her own wedding. With that, my wedding outfit was set.

My sister and I are both in arts and crafts so we decided we would make the invitations and souvenirs by ourselves. The invitations were in the shape of travel boarding passes which was in line with the theme of our wedding. For souvenirs, we made personalized bag tags with the initials of our guests so that they can use them when they travel. We decorated my grandmother’s backyard with hanging lights and lots of flowers. We printed pictures of our dream destinations and placed each photo as a centerpiece for each table. I am sharing with you the photos of what we came up with. I was so happy with the outcome and we received a lot of compliments from the guests.

Being able to do this on my wedding day made it all the more special.