About Us

Olivia Leigh and Joel Witmer are the brains behind A City Wedding. The two friends decided to come with a blog in 2012 so that they can feature what they consider is the most important event in any person’s life – the wedding! They understand that living in a city may limit the bride and groom’s choices for venues as the city is full of skyscrapers, buildings, and pavements – not at all the typical background, you would dream of for the setting of your wedding day. So the two friends joined forces to search and discover places within the city fit for such an important and memorable celebration shared with family and friends.

Olivia and Joel’s blog, A City Wedding, highlights weddings in the cities with their rich architecture and artistic designs that give a unique urban vibe. The two friends think that the charm of the city can compare to the ambiance provided by rustic and countryside settings.

Olivia Leigh lives in Chicago. She is a photographer and she owns a photography studio. She loves her hometown and knows every alley and street in the vicinity. As such, she is able to recommend places that will serve as a wonderful venue for a city wedding. She also loves to travel and get inspiration from the places she visits.

Joel Witmer is now based in Chicago where he runs his own studio. He is also a filmmaker. He has also come to love Chicago together with its people and environment. Just like his friend Olivia, Joel loves to travel across the globe to visit different cities and know more about their culture.

Olivia and Joel have a distinct passion for capturing special moments and sharing them with people. Growing up in the city, they do not want people to feel that they are missing out on these special occasions that is why they created this blog to help them plan and achieve the perfect city wedding.