Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

On average garage doors come with two types of springs. One is the heavy long spring which is mounted on the above of garage door is called the side-mounted or extension springs. Another type of torsion springs which is connected with the metal plate and fixed above the center of the frame and parallel to the surface of the frame of the garage door.

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These springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. They help the garage door in lifting the weight while opening and closing operations. Garage door torsion springs work on the main principle of tension. Cables are also attached along with the spring to each side of the garage door on the lower panel. When they begin to show troubles, it should be treated as soon as possible. You can fix or replace the broken garage door springs on your own if you are familiar with the handy tools and know the procedure of handling the springs. But if you are not confident enough, call a professional garage door repair company like, Fayette County garage door spring repair service to manage the malfunctioned or broken garage door springs.

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It is very important to note that performing garage door spring replacement on your own can be risky and dangerous if it is not done with the right tools and proper precautions. Since garage door torsion springs are mounted under a high amount of tension, it can be dangerous for you, especially if torsion springs snap suddenly.

A flying spring can hurt or even kill you that is why; it is strongly suggested to stay away from it. A broken spring can smash anything around it. So, you will have to follow extreme precautionary measurements because you could lose your hand, eyes, limbs, or fingers, or even life. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that leave the garage door springs repair or replacement to the pros. Anyhow if you have decided to handle it on your own; you should follow the following mentioned instructions.

  • Before starting the torsion springs replacement, release the tension in the old spring
  • Avoid touching the cable drum
  • Don’t use a screwdriver to wind off or wind up the springs
  • First, insert a bar that is well-fitting into the winding core before touching the setscrew. Using the box wrench or a socket is not recommended.
  • Place the bar in the cone while conducting garage door spring replacement
  • Don’t touch the bracket while wounding the springs.

Following is the common procedure for the garage door spring replacement: 

  • Disconnect the power cord to stop the power supply. Remove it from garage door opener then you will have to remove the flip or fuse of the circuit breaker.
  • Confirm you have bought a right torsion spring to replace with the old one. Match the type and the dimensions of the new spring to the old spring. Don’t touch the winding cones or grab the torsion spring.
  • Make sure that you have marked the edges of the shaft to maintain the balance of the garage door while installing a garage door spring.
  • Wind off the undamaged spring and then lose or remove the bolts which are securing the cones to the mounting brackets.
  • Replace and uninstall the required hardware
  • Make sure that you have wind up the new spring properly
  • Check the alignment of garage door
  • Apply some lubrication to reduce the friction
  • Connect the garage door opener and test its functionality. 

Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Congrats on getting engaged! Now, your wedding is just right around the corner. You’ve probably been thinking about the particulars of your wedding already like what wedding dress to wear, what motif you want that will suit your personality, what foods you want to be served, how many people you want to attend to your wedding, the venue is suitable to your budget, and so forth. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best options for you to choose from on your special day. We have here different wedding dresses to help get you dressed in style. We also have some venues and themes that you may like. Scroll down to see our lists that you can add to your choices.


There are wedding venues recently installed solar panel covering the roofs that were done by the Solar Panel Company in Tempe If you prefer to get married in the daytime then this type of wedding venues will do. It may cost you less expensive than the others. And what’s good on this is that you’re helping the nature to lessen the damage caused by the chemical gases release on the electricity, diesel, etc. A nature lover will surely pick this one. You may also like to celebrate your wedding outside in a beach setting. Gardens, hotels, restaurants and even at your own home is also possible too. If you have a wide open ground on your home that you know can fit the number of people you will choose to invite, then choosing your home is a practical decision. Not to mention, it will allow you to save a lot too.


Many companies continuously work hard to come up with the hottest and the latest wedding theme trends for 2018, and we think you’re going to love those. Take a look at the chic, sophisticated, fresh and completely fabulous themes and be inspired. The ones we included below are the top choices of the brides and grooms-to-be to date.


Greenery – It is a classic look and elegant that never get out of style. Even now it is still considered trendy. Green makes you look like a queen and nature-friendly. There are different types and shades of green that will perfectly fit on your taste and style.


Garden – Just like the greenery, nature is involved in this theme. Fresh flowers and romantic settings will make the difference. There has a lot of wonderful fresh flowers to choose from to incorporate with the mood of the venue.


Barn – Feeling nostalgic and romantic? A barn wedding is the perfect one for you. Also consider the vintage, neutral, watercolor, boho, forest, fairy tale, and a tropical theme.


Wedding gowns should complement your wedding themes. Explore the tons of wedding dresses depending on your wants and requirements. This 2018, designers released new designs in different collections that would give you elegant, simple or princess like designs. Choose what you want to be and start there.


If you’re on the lookout for wedding planners and coordinators, choose the one with positive reviews or ask a friend who has known one. Whatever you choose, just know your budget first. Check out the Financial tips for your dream wedding. We wish all the best on your wedding!

Hello, welcome to a city wedding.

Hello, welcome to a city wedding. Whether you are planning for your wedding or just want to get some wedding inspiration, this is the right place for you. We got you covered from the venue to the vendors and suppliers that will all work together to create that magical experience that every bride should feel during the most important day of her life, her wedding! Of course, grooms and men can also get their inspiration and ideas from where to get the perfect engagement ring to their wonderful couple wedding rings, to their fashion style from the tie they are going to wear down to the shoes. After all, a wedding is a special moment for the groom too, let us never forget that.

There are some couples who choose to get married behind the white custom garage doors in Las Vegas. But we understand that most of us dream of a wedding with nature as a backdrop. Some choose the gardens, beaches, or even forests as the location for their dream wedding. But A City Wedding is not that bad especially when you have the right team working for you to prepare that perfect setting that will match your preference and personalities.  That is what we are here for!

Weddings are supposed to be fun and joyous occasions where good friends and family unite to wish the couple the best in their married life. But planning a wedding can be stressful. And it is a level of stress that brides and grooms do not need because they should rather be basking in the romance and excitement of beginning the new chapter of their lives as a married couple. Here at A City Wedding, we understand that and it is our loving gift to the future grooms and brides to be the one to plan their weddings.

We feature real weddings to give me an inspiration or idea of what you want in your own wedding. You can browse our albums either by style or by the city. We have weddings set in Austin, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, New York City, Seattle, and Toronto. If you are from those areas, this album will give you a picture of what you can have on your wedding day. You can also check out our albums for black tie weddings, classic weddings, DIY, modern, or whimsical weddings. The theme is up to you. You can also see real weddings done each season – autumn, winter, fall, and summer weddings and see for yourself how the season affects the mood and setting of this most important event. We also have an album for different locations of weddings so that we can choose for yourself if you would rather have your wedding in a church, loft, membership club, museum, or the great outdoors. There are so many options to choose from. Let these real weddings give you an idea to start with and the rest will follow.

We have tied up with venues from Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. We also have partnerships with wedding suppliers and vendors for all your needs. This is your most comprehensive guide to planning and achieving that dream wedding of yours.

Our best wishes and congratulations to the future bride and groom!